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Last updated October 18, 2020

Check out all of my exclusive online instructional videos by clicking on the link in the left column below. I've compiled a long list of videos to tackle all of the top subjects in yearbooking - writing, photography, design, organization, journalism, promotion, book and ad sales and more. Just turn on your speakers and I'll do the teaching, with nearly all videos under 15 minutes each.

STRUGGLING? NO TIME FOR YEARBOOK? Then You Need to Examine Jostens Yearbook Express

Hello! Here comes the chilly weather, normal for mid October. And the falling leaves are everywhere. Thankfully I use my lawn tractor as a giant leaf blower, otherwise I'd be raking forever.

For my fellow Penn State football fans out there, let's see how this crazy college season unfolds. There's already been a lot of surprises this fall - now, just keep that virus at bay...

For folks in my neighborhood I hope you'll join me for my twice weekly live online yearbook sessions continuing through the fall. We have some great topics coming up like using social media, promotion, writing and telling more stories this year.


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2020-2021, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


Don't stress - at Jostens this year we have you covered...

It's been a rough school year already this fall. And EVERYBODY is stressed.

Students all in? Sure they are...but they're also wearing masks, sounding muffled, six feet apart, disjointed, walking one way, etc. etc.

Trying the hybrid idea? Kids only in school two days a week, all of the above PLUS teachers having to double their work, people coming and going, disconnected, wondering if remote learners are actually learning, etc. etc.

And for those schools who are all remote, see above - anyone really learning out there? Teachers can't "see" kids, loss of good contact, harder to hold responsible, etc, etc.

Some yearbook advisers out there have even floated the idea of not doing a yearbook this year because this insane schedule has left them little time to do the usual yearbooking work, plus with some sports or normal events disrupted they feel it's just not worth it.

Well let's stop that one right here - the yearbook is how we remember the school year. And if there was ever a school year that DEMANDED to be remembered, THIS is that year.

But we can certainly understand the stress, and yearbook shouldn't add to it. So some colleagues of mine at Jostens began working on an idea in August designed to make this job a LOT easier.

We call this idea Jostens Yearbook Express. How to make not just a yearbook but a GOOD yearbook with a minimum of work? Gather lots of information easily and quickly?

A lot of hours have gone into creating Yearbook Express because we realize this year is nuts and some advisers need extra help. Here we come...

Yearbook Express has a terrific BIG selection of ready made page templates for all levels, elementary to high school. In particular the high school layouts feature built-in coverage of many hot topics this year, great ways to touch on some great reads for 2021.

And information? Yearbook Express maps out the plan to use online means to gather LOTS of material from your audience no matter where they are, school or home.

Toss in other ways to get good photos and information, as well as our new Yearbook+ digital feature to allow EVERY student this year to tell their OWN story, and you have the plan to get you through this challenging school year and end up with an awesome 2021 yearbook.

Need more information? Contact us at Jostens - and if you don't currently work with Jostens? Your current company doesn't offer any of this? Give us a call, it's time for you to get some new ideas...


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