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Last updated May 20, 2018

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THE SPRING 2018 EDITION OF ADVISER & STAFF: Check Out The Great Articles and Info

Hello! Nearly all of my spring yearbook schools either have their new yearbooks or they are enroute as I type this out. Our Clarksville superfacility and its terrific staff have once again outdone themselves, shipping many books days ahead of schedule. I've heard many compliments so far along with the rare "oops" from a staff about someone's personalization missed or a misspelled name or something forgotten. So far only a few books have arrived damaged out of many thousands shipped out, an awesome record.

There are a handful of schools in the neighborhood that actually end their classes for the year by this Friday! If that's you, congratulations for making it to the end, and good luck to those graduating seniors as they depart into their futures. I've been honored to work with you and I hope everyone enjoys your new yearbook.

Good luck this weekend to those athletes taking part in annual PIAA state track and field championships. Good luck as well to those baseball and softball teams active this week in your district playoffs.

And how many people were transfixed by the Royal Wedding Saturday morning? The bride looked beautiful, the groom was dashing, the famous people were famous. Interesting that my daughter Alison and her entourage went wedding dress shopping Saturday for her big day next year. I'll take that as a good omen...


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2017-2018, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


The spring issue of Jostens A&S contains some great informational articles and ideas for next year...

High school advisers should have received the latest issue of our outstanding Jostens Adviser & Staff magazine sometime in the past week. If you haven't read it yet, it's chock full of terrific articles and information.

The issue theme was MORE. Here's a rundown of the informative stories...

LEARN MORE WITH THE INVERTED CLASSROOM: This is an idea I've watched for several years. Sometimes called the flipped classroom, the idea is to use videos for basic student instruction. Watching videos for homework means more actual learning and working time during class at school, and today most schools have the basic tools like laptops or iPads for students to easily watch these videos.

Read over this interesting story to see how one school is doing just that. Then consider how you could try such a strategy.

DO MORE TO SUPPORT THE PROGRAM: Many folks get a little weak kneed when asked to speak or present to the school Board of Education. But one award winning school from Michigan had yearbook editors who jumped at the chance to talk about their newest yearbook project and the meaningful stories they would tell. It's a great profile of a terrific yearbook staff that's worth emulating.

DREAM MORE IN HER FOOTSTEPS: Here's a great retrospective of a dedicated yearbook adviser from Georgia who has spent the last five decades leading and teaching high school students. And Barbara Landreth is still going strong. Read her inspiring story in the new A&S.

BECOME MORE BY EARNING EXCELLENCE: Here's one that I take special interest in, the Jostens Yearbook Program of Excellence Award. Read about four schools from around America who have won the award every year since its inception in 2012, and why they keep striving to make the mark every year.

And here's a quick plug for my friends at Port Allegany High School in McKean County who have also won the award all seven times. Less than 20 schools nationally can make that claim.

2018 PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS: Check out the grand prize and first place winners of this spring's annual contest, some great story telling images with some comments about each. Show these to your students as examples of the images THEY can take for your own effort.

HANDLING A LEAVE OF ABSENCE: This is a great story to read over because this could be a situation that comes up for you sometime. Check out the story from an adviser who faced this dliemma and how it was handled well and thoroughly.

GREAT TIPS FROM OUR CAMS: Don't miss the pages at the back from our terrific Creative Account Managers, Tina Clevelin and Jeff Moffit. Read over their great ideas and thoughts on improving your pages and your book.

And read some thoughts from the JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year, Brenda Field, on the importance of yearbook and your efforts. It's THAT important.

Take advantage of the combined wisdom and inspiration of the above stories in this spring's Adviser & Staff magazine, the best in the business.


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