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Last updated February 18, 2021

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Hello! Enjoying February? The snow and winter weather just keeps coming in the neighborhood, not a lot but regularly. And the weather forecast for the month has more of the same.

Somehow most winter sports keep on playing, and I'm hoping yearbook staffs have been able to get good pictures of the action. The new stories that can be told THIS year should be extensive. Let's tell as many as we can.

For spring delivery schools the deadline for your final order for the year is coming up soon. But keep in mind that we'll keep on selling right up to your distribution day. This is a procrastination year for the ages and many parents WANT to buy your book, they just haven't done it yet.

Watch for many promotional ideas in the coming weeks. People NEED to remember this most historic school year ever and they'll do so with a copy of your new yearbook.


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2020-2021, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


No need to panic if you're behind, but it IS time to do some things...

First, if your effort is behind schedule don't feel TOO badly because you're not alone. Because of this insane year we're dealing with, many yearbook staffs are off schedule.

But especially for spring delivery schools who want their books before school is out in May or June, it's time to catch up and do some things differently.

What are some ideas to consider?

CONSIDER A SUMMER DELIVERY: If things are really WAY off schedule, here's an idea that many spring schools have opted for just for this year. Why?

For most spring book schools their distribution event before school ends is a big deal, with everyone gathering in the gym or auditorium or outside to sign each other's books. But will groups be able to meet safely come THIS May or early June? Right now it's looking shaky.

But an event in early August, before seniors head to college and fall sports practices begin, looks a lot more promising.

And then add to that to have the rest of the school year to finish the book, including graduation bound in the edition, and that pressure to hurry and finish goes away. Give it some thought.

MINI DEADLINES: Especially for spring delivery books, let's assume you're way off schedule with your page deadlines. How to catch up FAST?

Figure how much time from now until your final plant deadline, and what still has to be completed. Then do some plain division - total pages still out divided by weeks or even days until that deadline.

Go over this new deadline schedule with your staffers and set X pages due each week until that final deadline date.

Finishing your book by that final plant page deadline is crucial to getting your books on time. Miss it and you're possibly looking at your books coming late, never a good situation.

Need extra help? Contact your Jostens representative for ideas and support.

FILL EMPTY PAGES WITH GREAT CONTENT: If you're coming up empty for good readable material, resist the urge to just cut pages this year.

Instead, check out the terrific ready-made page spreads from Jostens this year. Stylish and filled with timely information and quotes from teens across the country, these layouts are an easy drag and drop onto your pages.

Here's a FAST way to add lots of great content to your book that people will enjoy reading for many years to come.

DO YOUR OWN VERSION?: And if you like those ready made spreads but wish you could do your own version with information from YOUR students, you're in luck.

Our crack Jostens creators have provided the same exact Story Starter templates to use on your pages. Perhaps mimic the ready made page exactly, or change the template however you wish. Even use the template for a completely different topic or question.

This is a GREAT way to make some terrific looking layouts with a minimum of effort. You can even add a single Story Starter element (an infographic, quotes area, etc.) to an existing page to add some zip to your spread.

NEED MORE PHOTOS?: Everyone is in this boat this year. Winter sports that may be restricted, normal activities cancelled, can't go into classrooms for pictures like you used to's hitting all schools.

Talk it up on your social media outlets - "hey if you attended the such-and-such event we're covering it in the yearbook. Please send us your images!"

And if you haven't already, one easy way to get pictures straight to your Yearbook Avenue website is by using your Photo Submission website through YBA. Just go to Plan, then ReplayIt to activate or get your needed information to share with your audience - quick web link or an informative flyer to hand out.

NEED HELP?: Never be a stranger - let us know if you're having real difficulties and let's see if we can assist. Along with the above ideas there may be some special considerations for you.

This time of year is always a stressful time. Add on this insane pandemic and all of THOSE worries and it can become really stressful. Let us help you any way we can!


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