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Last updated September 18, 2016

Check out all of my exclusive online instructional videos by clicking on the link in the left column below. I've compiled a long list of videos to tackle all of the top subjects in yearbooking - writing, photography, design, organization, journalism, promotion, book and ad sales and more. Just turn on your speakers and I'll do the teaching, with nearly all videos under 15 minutes each.

FEELIN' THE LOVE: Check Out This Cool Website for the Latest and Greatest in Yearbook

Hello! And officially welcome to Autumn this week!! Personally I like things a little cooler, wearing a light jacket or sweatshirt or my trademark black turtleneck. But look out, some leaves are already turning and falling off the trees in my yard at home, probably thanks to the rather dry weather recently. Where's my rake???

It's time to register to attend one of the regional journalism days this fall hosted by the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA.) This FREE event is a great day to bring your school's yearbook, newspaper, broadcast or literary magazine staff - or ALL of them - to learn some new skills and mingle with staffers from other schools.

This year schools may attend the location of their choice among the six regional sites around the state running from October 11 to November 11. Nearby the Harrisburg event is October 11, at Penn State Behrend in Erie on October 21, and at Penn State Altoona on November 11. There are also events scheduled in Philadelphia, Berks County and Pittsburgh.

If you choose, enter students in one of the many competitions for the chance to advance to the state finals competition next March at Penn State University Park - there is a small fee charged for each competition. There are events where entries are submitted in advance while others will be held at the site. Click here to jump to the redesigned PSPA website to get all the information on the events and to register. Please consider attending, it's a great day of learning.

And let's celebrate on Saturday because it's National Punctuation Day. You don't have to be an English teacher to know that good punctuation is still important, even in a texting age. They even have a website - check out


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2016-2017, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


Check out this great Jostens website to help spread the love of yearbook...

If you and your staff are looking for fresh ideas for this year, Jostens and I have the website for you and it's available to anyone, even those not currently working with Jostens...

This is a fantastic website that debuted two years ago, featuring many different types of posts and items designed for your yearbook use. And if you have a class, absolutely check out this awesome resource.

Note the ten different topic areas included, covering all areas of yearbooking. You want some great material to use with your class or club? You'll definitely find it here.

And the items included are extensive - PDFs to download, articles, PowerPoints or videos to watch, notes and tips, it's all there. And while many items are yearbook-centric, you'll also find exercises and activities directly tied to Common Core and 21st Century Skills. One example...

Storytelling Photos- Here's one of my favorite subjects, telling more stories via better images. The activity includes a complete lesson plan with Common Core and 21st Century Skills tie-ins, a PowerPoint presentation to show examples of great storytelling photos, some great activities to help teach the skills, and an exit ticket to show what your students have learned.

There is also an extensive set of archived stories and materials to search and a long list of yearbooking and journalism categories for use by any adviser at any level. Check it out!

Now THERE'S something that anyone will be interested in. And it's another reason why a well run yearbook or journalism class offers students great educational opportunities. Find the search bar on the Yearbook Love page and enter Common Core or 21st Century to see the postings connected to these topics.

Check out the website today and be sure to bookmark the site because this is one you should visit frequently. I've also added the link to the site here in the website links in the upper left column. It's a chance to really FEEL THE LOVE of yearbooking!

Is your yearbook staff using a cool Jostens Yearbook Widget to showcase some of your work, along with including quick links for buying your book or sharing images with you? Below is my own fun yearbook widget - ask me today about how to start yours. It's FREE, easy to use and could bring your yearbook effort some big dividends!


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