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Last updated March 26, 2017

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THE NEW JOSTENS LOOK BOOK IS COMING: The Best Yearbook Work in America Plus More

Hello! OK, I think spring is offcially here now and winter has made its departure. The remaining snow at my house melted over the weekend and temperatures this week are very spring-like. Spring sports teams are outside competing and all is well with the world.

And spring yearbook schools are finishing their work. If you're a spring adviser and your group is still working, push them to finish this week. Then throw a party for the staff to congratulate them on their accomplishment.

Let me offer my congratulations to the Juniata Valley girls basketball team for their terrific season this year. The Hornets made it all the way to the PIAA Class A championship game last Friday, their first ever state title appearance, where they came up just short against Lebanon Catholic. But the starting five are all underclassmen so watch out PA for these Hornets next season.

As spring yearbook staffs finish their book work for the year and fall book staffs start cranking our their pages, here's a reminder on WHY we create a memorable yearbook every year, a great recent story that I first mentioned last year...

With all of the technology surrounding us these days, it's a plain old BOOK that still has tremendous value for everyone. Two years ago a survey of college students, who have been digital natives nearly their entire lives, said that they still value holding and using a BOOK as much or more than their digital gadgets. Click here to read one story on this survey. And if you do some web searching you'll find similar results going back years. The moral here - books aren't going anywhere, especially yearbooks.


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2016-2017, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


Jostens high school advisers will really enjoy the new 2017 Look Book...

I'll keep this week's update brief - in the next couple of weeks, all Jostens high school advisers will receive their copy of the new 2017 Look Book, the finest compilation of yearbook work from the past year. I just received my copy of the new book last week. Many of the best yearbooks in America are once again featured along with page spreads, images, covers and more from hundreds of yearbook staffs. It's once again the best source of the best yearbook work out there.

This year's Look Book theme is In It. That's always the goal - get as many students in your yearbook as you can. The book has another cool cover with a great look and feel. Over 2,000 schools submitted material for our Look Book judges to consider but only around 400 made the final cut.

Be sure to check the back of the book for a two page spread saluting the schools across the country who achieved 100% coverage in last year's book - that means every single student in school was pictured at least THREE times. I'm honored that three schools in the neighborhood made the list - Calvary Christian Academy, Northern Potter High and Oswayo Valley High. And I know all three did it again this year or came super close.

A popular question is when page templates from this year's Look Book will be available for use on your Yearbook Avenue website for next year. My best guess is later this summer as usual, be on the lookout for Look Book v15 designs in the Design Gallery link on the YBA home page. Start some planning now for next year's effort by checking out the great work and ideas of others.

One thing though - no schools in the neighborhood earned a spot in the book this year. One big reason - not nearly enough schools entering our annual photography or page design contests last year. This year's photo contest is now closed but our page design contests are still OPEN until April 14. PLEASE take some time to enter - advisers, refer to my email sent to you recently with all the details.


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