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Last updated February 17, 2020

Check out all of my exclusive online instructional videos by clicking on the link in the left column below. I've compiled a long list of videos to tackle all of the top subjects in yearbooking - writing, photography, design, organization, journalism, promotion, book and ad sales and more. Just turn on your speakers and I'll do the teaching, with nearly all videos under 15 minutes each.

IT'S RANDOM WEEK: Scott Shares Some Random Thoughts on Yearbooking and More

Hello! Many folks had Monday off for President's Day, you lucky folks. And the weather cooperated so I hope you had a great day.

Checking out my monthly Yearbooking Report series? This week has brand new episodes with a feature interview with Jostens Creative Accounts Manager Lizabeth Walsh. You want ideas? Liz has IDEAS! Watch the video but find some time and check out the podcast for more great ideas and some insights into the real importance of your yearbook effort.

For those who like to plan ahead - our annual Jostens summer yearbook camp at Gettysburg College will be August 2-4. Our registration website and detailed information isn't ready yet but I'll alert everyone when it's turned on. If you're looking for a great training event and team bonding for your new staff, this event is for you!


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2019-2020, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


Random thoughts on a random week...

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK: This week, February 17-23, is the annual observance of this week (there are even websites for this!) for folks to just do kind or helpful things for others, just because you can. So why not?

Take a little time this week to help out someone in a jam, give someone a ride, offer a favor, etc. I've found that when you do something helpful for someone, at some point they'll do something helpful for you. GIve it a try!! And perhaps offer this to others and make it a wide effort in your school this week, a great idea.

CHECK OUT MY PHOTOGRAPHY LEARNING LINK: Your sports or candid photography less than stellar lately? In the left column here check out my link on learning good photography. It features some interesting websites to help take steps to snap better images to make your yearbook even better. I even have links for other interesting educational journalism sites. And if you come across other interesting photo websites in your travels please let me know so I can add them to this list.

CONTESTS, LOTS AND LOTS OF CONTESTS: In my travels I've seen some interesting photos, ones worthy of our annual Jostens Photo Contest. But you have to ENTER to have a chance to WIN. The deadline to enter is coming up fast so if your staffers have taken a few thought provoking shots this year, please enter them in the contest. For junior high and middle school advisers please note that there is a separate category for you so your students are not going up against older students.

But HURRY - March 1 is the entry deadline!! Go to Be sure to download and check out the rules there. Note that images can be easily transmitted online - simply have students register and then submit images whenever they wish. Let's get started - March 1 will be here quickly. Be sure to check the rules and download the permissions form there.

WORD OF MOUTH SALES IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Getting a suggestion from someone else about a product or service has always been the most effective way to spread a sales message. It still works for yearbooks but in this current age, word of mouth has more options - social media for instance.

For spring book schools, your final order amount deadline is coming up FAST at the end of the month. Push your sales message this week and next for folks to insure they get a copy of your book this year, or for those who want a personalized book. LAST CHANCE!

CHECK THE CYBERBULLYING LINK: Have you ever noticed the button at the top of the left column here? It's a link to a valuable website filled with ideas on fighting cyberbullying, still a hot topic in schools this year. And Jostens is working actively on more initiatives to help our partner schools to educate students on this topic.

CHECK OUT JOSTENS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Jostens is all over social media with great ideas, inspiration and responses to posts from users. Check out these links sometime, perhaps the media of your choice or all four of them...

FACEBOOK: Be sure to LIKE us when you go!

TWITTER: And I'm a Twitter user myself, @yearbookScott. I like to tweet on yearbook and other education topics.

INSTAGRAM: We all love images, see a LOT here!

PINTEREST: Not one of the big boys but definitely check out this site, some GREAT material here. And no, guys, not just for girls.

We have a social media usage guide that is filled with great ideas - check your YBA Digital Classroom to download it, just enter "social media" in the search bar there.

IMPROVE YOUR YEARBOOK WITH A SLICK YEAR IN REVIEW SUPPLEMENT: Jostens always offers two different year-in-review inserts for different types of schools. There's the 16 page World Beat supplement, chock full of great information from the year, tons of story telling images and stylish design. Again this year we will have some augmented reality links for folks to launch and watch videos tied to the World Beat material right on their mobile device.

And Flashbax is a fun eight page supplement remembering the year for elementary students or for those schools who want to avoid any possibly controversial material. It's not too late to add one of these memorable items to your yearbook but hurry, please check them out and let me know!



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