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Last updated June 1, 2021

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WHAT TO DO WITH YEARBOOKING THIS SUMMER: Never Too Early to Start Your 2022 Work

Hello! I hope you're enjoying your summer break, no matter when you read this. After the crazy school year we went through, everybody needs a restful time off from school. Be sure you get yours.

What will the new school year be like in August and September? No one really knows. Masks again? COVID resurgence? Remote learning? Back to normalcy?

One thing I'll be curious to see is how education has changed after what we've all been through. And I figure it HAS to change. Flipped classroom model, more remote learning, more interactive, other changes.

And yearbooks need to follow suit. We've been given a golden opportunity to revolutionize our storytelling. Let's do some GREAT work in 2022.


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2020-2021, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


You can wait for the new school year to begin...or start the fun this summer...

Let's be honest - most yearbook staffs don't do anything over summer break. They wait until the new year begins before organizing, planning, taking photos and getting rolling.

I can understand that - check my thought above about taking time for yourself this summer.

But for those folks who can find just a little time over the break, it could make your new year go a lot easier. Some ideas?

ATTEND A JOSTENS ONLINE EVENT: July will be another interesing month with at least two online events for ANY yearbook adviser and staff, not just for Jostens schools.

Our annual Jostens Adviser University (JAU) is the best adviser-only workshop in the land. Three days of great ideas and inspiration from some of the best advisers and experts in the business. And just a few hours each day, all from your own room.

And this year we've added a possible fourth day to work with your student editor team. All online, all terrific. Dates are July 13-16.

If you're looking for an event for your entire staff, our annual Jostens national workshop event in late July could be for you. In conjunction with the University of San Diego this is a great chance to work and bond with your new 2022 team. And again, with some of the best instructors around. Dates are July 27-29.

Get all the information and register at

EARN CREDIT FOR YOURSELF: Many teachers would love to get some grad credits for yourself - why not earn them for yearbooking?

Once again this year through the University of San Diego you can earn those credits with some summer online courses and then applying what you learned to your new yearbook effort.

But don't wait, signup for this exclusive opportunity only offered by Jostens is JUNE 30. Online courses will be active through August 15. Again get all the information and register at

CHECK THE J-CLASSES ON YBA: For Jostens advisers you can watch these informative videos at your leisure on your 2021 Yearbook Avenue site or your new 2022 site. Just go to the Digital Classroom and look for the J-Classes link.

By August expect a refreshed selection of these flipped classroom videos and an increased number of them. They feature some of the top yearbook advisers in the country and all of the great Jostens experts teaching on the top yearbook topics.

And for my schools don't forget my exclusive line online lessons two days a week starting again in September. For many of these we'll be using the J-Classes as the lead-in, along with many of my own interview clips with various experts and advisers.

JUST MEET WITH YOUR STAFF: Just taking some time to get together, even if just for a few hours one day this summer, could be a real jumpstart for the new year.

What to do? Organize your group. Talk about a new theme. Start compiling yout story list. Start planning on taking images, what games or events, who will cover them, etc.

And summertime is a GREAT time for one thing: business ad sales. Think about it - no competition, plenty of free time. If well organized you could handle your ad promotion around your area in just one day. Late July or start of August could be a good time for this.

YOUR OWN SUMMER WORKSHOP: Perhaps you'd like to do your own learning gig with your new group. I'd love to help, either in person or now live online. I've become pretty adept at online teaching. My Zoom room is always available.

If interested, find a day or days you're interested in, then let me know. We could do Layout Pro page creation training, work with photography or journalism, organizing, or just some fun team building.

CHECK OUT THE DIGITAL CLASSROOM: This amazing resource on YBA is one that needs to be examined. There is SO much great material in there and most folks still don't know about it.

On whatever device you have sometime this summer, log on to YBA and click that link. Find all the materials there that could be make your job easier and better. Even students can access it - ask your student editors to surf the Digital Classroom looking for things you can use.

The bottom line here: while we all want to just kick back and relax ALL summer long, some planning and work early will mean less planning and work later when you'll already be stressed with the new school year. Why not take this open time for considering new ideas, getting to know your new staff, and handling some chores?

In the meantime - have (or keep having) a great summer break. With renewed optimism for the new school year in the fall this could be a groundbreaking year. Let's make it happen!


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