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Last updated March 18, 2018

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SOCIAL MEDIA AND YEARBOOK: Make The Two Work Together to Cinch Your Book Sales and Boost Your Storytelling

Hello! Here it comes - spring officially starts this week! And after a sunny weekend I'm getting the feeling that we may actually be past winter. Good ole' Punxsutawney Phil got his six more weeks of winter, now it's time to move on.

How's your NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket? I bet Virginia's stunning loss to Maryland Baltimore County trashed everyone's picks. That has to go down as the biggest upset in college basketball history. And by TWENTY points, not even close - wow.

For yearbook advisers who are serious about their craft, there's one event every year that is made for them - Jostens Advisers University. This year is the 12th anniversary for JAU, the best and most educational conference event in America for advisers from rookies to experienced pros.

For brand new advisers, take advantage of the New Adviser track and then customize your learning. More veteran advisers can customize to their desires with the Variety track. Or consider the special Photography track to enhance those skills. And you can get 31 hours of continuing education credit, something everyone could use.

This year the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL will host the event from July 15-18 and YOU'RE invited, even if you aren't a Jostens adviser. Learn more and register at Having attended myself I can guarantee that you'll have a great time and learn great new ideas from Jostens staff as well as some of the best yearbook advisers in the country.

If that's a little too far to go please consider our annual Jostens Summer Workshop at Gettysburg College from July 30-August 1. This is also a great event and no airfare needed. And many advisers also bring key student staffers to this event, a terrific bonding experience. Click here and keep that website for future reference - registration should begin very soon.


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2017-2018, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


Embrace social media as a partner and promoter of your yearbook effort

It's amazing how far we've come with technology over the last 20 years, even the last 10 years. A few years ago during my school yearbook assemblies I pulled out a relic from a past era - my first cell phone. For those not old enough to remember "bag phones," these were phones housed in a bag the size of a standard purse. The battery didn't last long and you had to plug it into a car's cigarette lighter to work; remember we used to have cigarette lighters in cars, now they are considered electrical outlets. Many students were amazed to see this item and can't believe that bag phones were cutting edge technology back before they were born.

But in just over 10 years the idea of social media has emerged and begun to dramatically change how we interact with others and share information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and a growing list of similar services and apps have captivated nearly all teenagers and pre-teens across the world, not to mention many adults as well.

There are some who believe that social media, always live online, will eventually mean the end of school yearbooks. In fact there are new services who bill themselves as online yearbooks - join the future, they say, ditch the book. I firmly disagree with this idea since the school yearbook has and will continue to be a very unique item, something kept for a lifetime.

Will these "high tech" services even be around five or 10 years from now, especially considering how quickly technology is changing these days? Plus there are plenty of studies that show that even college students, who have grown up as digital natives, still value a standard BOOK as a tool to use in their education. Yearbooks aren't going anywhere.

So how can social media and your yearbook effort live together, even thrive together? And YES, they can. The key idea here is how to use social media to complement and promote your yearbook effort anytime, at all times. And see how can you use social media to get students across your school building to interact and assist with your yearbook effort to not only make your job easier but also to share their own stories and further spread the word about your book, leading to higher book sales.

For my Jostens advisers you have a great selection of social media-related items on your Yearbook Avenue website. Click on the Digital Classroom link, then enter Social Media in the search bar. There you'll find the Jostens Social Media Guide to download, filled with great ideas and strategies. You'll also have access to social media contest ideas, sample messages to post on various social media sites, cool social media promotional images to download and use, and even an online video with some advice and ideas on using social media as part of your effort.

I continue to promote my idea of "total storytelling," not just treating the yearbook as a chore to finish but actively gathering and sharing stories from people all over your school, as many as you can, to be housed both in your book and on your website/app and digital Time Capsule.

Social media, where many students "live" these days, should be another place your staff should use to help gather and tell those stories. Regular social media usage can easily point your audience to check out new material you've posted to your ReplayIt site and app. Soon your students will be looking forward to whatever new stories your yearbook staff can tell.

The days of tables in the cafeteria for book sales, the same old posters hung around the school building for promotion, and daily announcements that are ignored by most students - all are long gone. Social media are the present and the future, and if you haven't started yet it's time to use these new tools to further your entire yearbook effort.

And it's not too late to start - if you have books left to sell (and virtually all schools do) or you're a fall yearbook still working hard and need more photos and information, NOW is the time to get rolling.

Check out the social media materials in the YBA Digital Classroom, then discuss these ideas with your staff right away and let me know how I can assist. It's never too late to get started - it's just important to GET STARTED.


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