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Last updated December 4, 2016

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NEWS AND NOTES FOR DECEMBER: Images, Deadlines, Promotions and FUN

Hello! Just two weeks till Christmas break...and still no real snowfall! Maybe this year will be a repeat of last year's boring winter??

Winter sports seasons are about to get underway, good luck to all of the teams across the neighborhood. And in the state football playoffs, good luck to Bishop Guilfoyle in trying to win their third straight PIAA Class A title Friday afternoon. It'll be a grudge match against Clairton, wish I could be there for what promises to be a great game.

And for my fellow Penn State fans....yes, they should be in the College Football Playoff. No, Ohio State shouldn't be in there. But the Rose Bowl is an awesome consolation prize. What an amazing win over Wisconsin last weekend. Happy Valley will stay delirious for weeks.


If you've missed some of my past home page stories from 2016-2017, they are archived for you to check out anytime. Click Here to see the rundown.


Some notes as the calendar year heads to a conclusion...

Let's run down some random items in the update this week...

IMAGE TAGGING YET?: Many schools have been sending in their portrait CDs or online download links in the last couple of weeks. For YBA page creation users, hopefully you've already started doing image tagging on the pages your group has been working on. It's time to start tracking how many times people are currently appearing in your book.

Here's an easy way to tag images with names and save a lot of time doing it - only tag images currently used on pages. How? Simply right click on an image, then select Tag Names in the box that opens. The image will then open in a separate window - tag with names under the People column, then Save.

How do you know what images used on pages have been tagged? Here's one quick way - under View click on Show Images Missing Names. All of the images not yet tagged on the page or spread will then have a red exclamation point in the corner of the image. As you then tag those images, the red exclamation points disappear.

HITTING DEADLINES?: Especially for spring book schools, always keep track on how you're tracking to your page deadlines. If you somehow you can't make deadline #1, don't fret. Remember that you can submit pages anytime you wish online so you can gradually catch up and maybe even surpass your deadline submission amount. As spreads are done and proofed, let's keep submitting and you'll never have a deadline worry.

CHRISTMAS PROMOTIONS: It's that time of year, hollday time! Fun, gifts, parties, good cheer. In these next two weeks before Christmas break, see how many of those things you can do with your staff AND the rest of school.

This is a prime time for your book sale - what makes a better holiday gift than your yearbook? It's lasts a lifetime! Along with any promotional help from Jostens that we've setup, do some in-school promotion to help the cause via announcements, fresh posters from your Jostens kit, your own posters and signs, even skits on your daily broadcast announcements.

If you have some prizes handy, run an in-school promotion to help the sale. It could be a giveaway, a drawing, a contest, whatever FUN activity you can come up with. The key word here is FUN, maybe with some holiday theme. If I can assist please drop me a line. At my end I may utilize some of our tools via YBA or ReplayIt to send out some holiday sales messages over the next two weeks.

PARTY TIME: And speaking of fun, if you have a hard working staff definitely reward them with a Christmas party before the break. Before school, after school or during yearbook time, but find some time. Ask students to each bring in some food item for the party, a pot luck event. Be sure to let everyone know their hard work is appreciated and that there will be plenty to do in the new year after returning from break. But for that one day it's celebration time.

Is your yearbook staff using a cool Jostens Yearbook Widget to showcase some of your work, along with including quick links for buying your book or sharing images with you? Below is my own fun yearbook widget - ask me today about how to start yours. It's FREE, easy to use and could bring your yearbook effort some big dividends!


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